Annual Membership - Accompanied Child

From AUD $180.00
  • Product code: AMAC

Allows the young member to bring along the adult of their choice. Each membership entitles the holder and their accompanying adult to entry to four regular events, a 10% discount on any additional purchases and a free gift.

Perfect for mixed and extended families were everybody is busy but one child is incredibly keen on astronomy. It would cost $360 for the event bookings alone so this represents a wonderful saving.

Terms and Conditions

1. Membership is non-transferable.

2. Your membership card must be presented on entrance and quoted when making your booking.

3. Where the membership is for an Accompanied Child the child’s membership is non-transferable but the adult may vary, and is of the member’s choice.

4. Each membership entitles the holder/s to attendance at four regular events of their choice during the membership period.

5. An attendance at a regular event may be converted to a credit towards attendance at a special event on the basis of $168 per family, $55 per adult, $48 per senior and $35 per child with the balance to be paid in full (only one conversion per person per special event).

6. Unused attendances will not be refunded or credited towards the next year.

7. Bookings must be made by phone or preferably email, and while every effort will be made to accommodate members there is a strict limit on how many people can attend an event, so late bookings cannot always be accommodated.

8. Where members wish to bring non-members a 10% discount will apply.

9. Where members wish to bring a child under 6 a booking must be made for the child though no fee applies.

10. All standard conditions relating to bookings still apply.

11. Members are entitled to a discount of 10% on all additional purchases (not including memberships or special events for persons who have claimed a conversion credit for that event.)

12. Your choice of One copy of Astronomy 2017 Australia, One Star Disk or One Moon Map is included per membership and will be available on their first visit.

13. Where possible members will receive advance notification of special events.

14. Annual membership lasts for a twelve month period from date of purchase unless otherwise stipulated and attendance must be within this time period.